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Medieval medical centers of Shamakhy


  • Haqiqat Ahmadaga Zahidova A.A. Bakikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology

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Shirvan, Malham medical center, medicine, pharmacist, “Madraseyi Tibb”, “Dedegunesh”.


The article deals with the activities of medical centers functioning in Shirvan province, known as the center of science and culture of Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages. It is said that during this period, Malham Medical Center had become well known for its scientific and medical activities. It was known far beyond the borders of Azerbaijan. According to the sources of the time, the founder of the center, Kafieddin Omar ibn Osman, a great philosopher, alchemist, astronomer, etc., who had encyclopedic knowledge and was characterized as an expert in scientific areas. Kafieddin Omar ibn Osman, with his high medical knowledge, helped many people found healing and did his best for them to regain their healthy life. He was the uncle of Khagani Shirvani, a prominent representative of classical Azerbaijani literature. Khagani always remembered him with great respect in his works and saw him on a par with famous figures of the world.

     Even after the death of this great tebib (doctor), who during his lifetime helped people to be healed, was not forgotten, and his grave became a sacred place of hope and help for those who wanted recovery. Since he prefered such means of treatment as walking in the fresh, sunny air, sun bathing, etc. the grave called “Dedegunesh” of the Luqmān, who bequeathed to be buried in a place where the sun rays fall, is visited even after his death and people ask him for help to find healing. The students of the school founded by Kafieddin Omar ibn Osman had always stood on guard of people’s health and made valuable contributions to the medical history of Azerbaijan.




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Haqiqat Ahmadaga Zahidova. (2024). Medieval medical centers of Shamakhy. «Мәдени мұра», 105(2), 21–35. извлечено от https://madenimura-journal.kz/index.php/main/article/view/424